Friday, 3 January 2014

WRITERS - (The Sculptor of the Flawless Words)

Deep thoughts ponder as we persuade the writing capability within ourselves. Never the less there is an urge in all of us to express our feelings our desire in the best possible language we have known, and sometimes we do succeed. But to be a professional writer we have to be really creative and brave to let our mind beguiled by the wandering thoughts we perceive.
What we perceive is not that all matters, the way of expressing matters vocabulary matters and above all that matters is the heart that allows us to drain our feelings on the rugged piece of paper. Well this was my personal opinion of what I hold inside my insane brain.

Writers aren’t exactly people…. They’re a whole bunch of people trying to be one person.
(F. Scott Fitzgerald)

As true it sounds, my above opinion was for about individual writing regarding oneself.

To be an author is a fascination to me. How they fold their thoughts in to a beautiful novel, a flawless poetry or a lovely humming ballad is an art that always left the minds boggled. The beauty and innocence of word always attract the soft hearted love
birds and the dictation of harsh words and raw emotions leave the readers all ablaze in their hearts.

Well if you are still reading this I was all trying to be very artistic with words. Although to be closed in a bracket Writers and Authors are the most intelligent people to be known. They beguile your mind and thoughts and they just hypnotize us with the mojo of words.

See you people in the next post.

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