Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A very common but the most deep and meaningful proverb I have came to know. It’s the proverb that defines the difference between I shall and I can. A proverb that made many great inspiring stories and yet many other false stories too.

It has created a barrier between the words and the courage to accomplish them.

Mostly used and emphasized in love stories this common yet realistic proverb has exploited many agendas.

I am spell bounded to define this proverb in a good and presentable manner but this is the beauty of it.

Words can’t define it. Practicality defines it, accomplishments define it. Merely words can’t satisfy the needs of this proverb, your passions do, and your love do but most importantly your character do.

The forbidden charisma of this proverb has created many controversies and yet it has made many love stories.

I would also like you people to help me to complete and fulfill the desired justice with this proverb.

Looking forward for you all.


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