Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mystery of Love

Hey folks I am back. Well yes today the topic of my blog is Love and its mystery.

What is love? Some say its infatuation, some call it a synonym of lust and some just hold their breaths and say love is everything.

Well to be really honest I don’t have any specific perception of love. It’s is a topic which can’t be defined perfectly, a word that describes lifetime of happiness and agony as well. Writers have spent years to resolve this simple yet most powerful word ever existed, yet they failed.

Love is a feeling of uncertainty of happiness or sorrow, care or greed, bad or evil and the cycle goes on and on.

Love towards God, towards parents and towards your life partner reflects all the different phases of this enigmatic word.

Like the other writers I have also failed to overcome the definition of Love.
In the next post I will surely think about war. It has so much material to write about.. lol


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